Low Tide Redfish

May 15th, 2017

With summer quickly approaching and water temperatures continuing to rise, the redfish activity is starting to really heat up. However, not all tides and times of the day are created equal so let me give you a few hints on targeting redfish this time of the year.

Being in coastal tidal zones has some major advantages that other water systems do not often experience; taking advantage of these tides and leveraging their benefits will help make a successful fishing trip. During low tide, we often see swings greater than 5 feet which expose large amounts of shoreline and structure that redfish normally use as key feeding zones. They prefer to use these areas to feed in these conditions when water temperatures are ranging from the 60’s to the low 80’s but will continue to feed like this if the tides coincide with early morning or late evening.

The bait fish will stay close to the edge of the water as they try to stay away from the predatory fish that lurk in deeper water near by. However, the redfish is well adapted to feed in this area with its tough scales and wedge shaped body that slips water over their backs to conceal themselves in all but the shallowest of water. They can detected by the v shaped wakes they make cruising through the shallows and the large splashes they make as the feed.


In these conditions, I prefer to use the Z-Man 5 inch Streak Z on a swimbait hook or a MinnowZ on a lighter weight jig head. Both of these can be thrown using a St. Croix Avid 7.5 foot medium-light fast-action (size 76, MLF tension on Amazon) with a 2500 size Penn Clash spooled with 15-pound PowerPro.

Within the previously mentioned tides and temperatures, the redfish can be caught in these conditions throughout the year, even as late as December here in Charleston. Sight fishing can be one of the most heart-pumping and rewarding ways to catch redfish here in the Lowcountry.

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